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Rainout. No NLCS for us today.

Game is called. It's been raining hard all day, and consequently, there will be no baseball in New York City tonight. This is nice for the Mets, as it allows Cliff Floyd another day to rest. I think it helps the Cardinals a little more, though, as Rolen gets another day of rest, and it enables TLR to move Carpenter up a day in the rotation without affecting his rest schedule. If St. Louis has a 3-2 lead going into game 6, having Carp on the mound for game 6 rather than game 7 will be quite a boost to the club. There is some speculation that this might necessitate a bullpen game, but I'm actually ok with that--Thompson is pretty well rested, so let him throw three innings, and let the chips fall as they may, the Mets are in the exact situation there.

If you are still too hyped to do anything, and are just hoping that somehow they rescind the call, why don't you keep yourself busy by listening to the theme of our opponents, designed to strike fear into our hearts. Thanks, Deadspin!