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Wednesday morning post: nothing much left to say

We've parsed this series over and over, and there's nothing much left to say. The Cardinals have a slight edge on the pitching/defense, and the Mets have a pretty significant edge on the offense. Despite this, either team can win this series. The nonsense of a five game series is over, and it's time for the real playoffs to begin.

I always thought that, with Jason Marquis off of the roster, this team could definitely be one of those mediocre regular season teams that just inexplicably gets hot in the playoffs. Now is the time to see if that hoep becomes a reality. Even with all the pitching injuries, the Mets are a much better team than the Padres. The real postseason begins today. I'll be back tonight with a game thread.

Finally, the word from Bernie and Derrick Goold is that Rolen is in, and that LaDunc are leaning very strongly against Marquis for game four. Updates as soon as they are availible. I was hoping to delay this post until after the rosters were posted, but apparently this isn't going to happen. Rolen apparently feels a lot better after his cortisone shot, and you absolutely have to look at his career numbers against Tom Glavine: .358/.483/.595. If he's actually feeling well enough to play, that makes me feel better about tonight's game

Update [2006-10-11 11:50:24 by Valatan]:Poster iggy on Bernie's forum, who according to another poster, "has contacts," says Reyes in, Marquis out (sorry, mistake corrected), with no other changes to NLDS roster. Still no update to the official site. Also, I was horribly remiss above in not welcoming the Mets fans to the site. Here's to a good, tightly played series, MetsLand. Your perspective and respectful tone have been appreciated.

Update [2006-10-11 11:53:48 by Valatan]:Also, word is that it has also been reported on 550 and 590 AM in the StL, which, of course, being in Texas, I'm totally unable to confirm.

Update [2006-10-11 12:21:14 by Valatan]: Poster DimitroffVodka has posted the link. Adieu, Jason Marquis. Bonjour, Anthony Reyes. Now all there is to do is wait six and a half hours.

Update [2006-10-11 02:50:43 by Valatan]: If you are away from the StL, and wish to set up a group to go out and watch the game tonight, then go to this diary, unless you live in NYC, in which case, you should go here. Game thread will be up by 5:30.