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Game 161 overflow thread numero dos

let's hang another big red W for the Wiese Co! Nope, it's not just a "Shannon-ism", see Fritz's diary below for that.. Main thread below

Update [2006-10-1 19:19:40 by lboros]: trevor hoffman has yielded 2 bombs in the bottom of the 9th; dbacks within a run, 7-6, with one out.

Update [2006-10-1 19:28:1 by lboros]:tying run on base --- full-count walk to quentin. chris snyder up.

Update [2006-10-1 19:28:1 by lboros]: force out at 2d for the 2d out; somebody named callaspo is up w/ 2 outs, tying run at 1st.

Update [2006-10-1 19:28:1 by lboros]: infield hit --- tying run to 2d base, winning run to 1st.

Update [2006-10-1 19:28:1 by lboros]: wait --- the umps have reversed the call; the man at 2d base is out on a force play. game over; san diego wins the division. the cardinals will play game one at petco tuesday afternoon.