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c'est la corey

the cubs finally dumped corey patterson -- he's off to the orioles for a coupla minor leaguers. bleed cubbie blue sheds no tears over his departure. 2d year in a row the o's agreed to play dumping ground to an unwanted chicago outfielder -- the first one of whom is still looking for work . . . . .

and don't read anything into that last phrase, it's merely an observation.

hoolie tavarez is also looking for work; the mets were interested but wound up saying no thanks, and now the dodgers are kinda serta interstd. . . . doesn't look like he's gonna end up getting half what looper made. could there be some kind of ex-cardinal inversion effect in the market? ie, gms have seen too many players peak w the cards and then tank after leaving, hence won't pay market rates for'em . . . . .but then, how to explain the cushy deals for nunez and mabry?

rip-snorting debate at Minor League Ball pits scout fave joel guzman v geek fave daric barton.