The all-Cardinals team: 3B

Continuing this series, we'll look at Cardinal third basemen.  No hall of famers at this position, so a little more room for subjectivity here.  The top five in games played for the cardinals at 3B are Kenny Boyer, Ken Reitz, Terry Pendelton, Whitey "The other whitey" Kurowski and, finally  Arlie "The Freshest Man on Earth"/"The Dude" Latham.  Let's consider those guys, plus, for fun, Scott Rolen, Milt Stock, Ken Oberkfell (the third Ken on this list), and our own beloved Mike Shannon.  

I got a little sidetracked in researching this, upon finding out a little bit about The craziness of Arlie Latham, who seemed to have the exact opposite temperment as Rogers Hornsby.  Once again, stats are as a Cardinal only.

Player     OPS+|---R|-HR|-RBI|-SB|-OBP|Games|Tenure

Latham       094|0864|011|0250|371|.318|0847|1883-1889, 1896

Kurowski      125|0518|106|0529|019|.366|0916|1941-1949

Boyer          119|0988|255|1001|097|.356|1667|1955-1965

Shannon      096|0313|068|0367|019|.311|0882|1962-1970

Torre          133|0558|098|0558|012|.381|0918|1969-1974

Reitz            077|0136|018|0169|001|.291|0483|1972-1975

Obkerfell      108|0295|011|210|045|.364|0724|1977-1/2 1984

Pendleton     084|0404|044|0442|099|.324|0927|1984-1990

Rolen           140|0272|081|0300|021|.380|0407|1/2 2002-present