The all-Cardinals team: 2B

People seemed to enjoy the 1B installment, so let's keep this going.  The Cardinals legacy has quite a bit of depth at 2B, sending four 2B to the Hall.  Those four, Miller Huggins, Rogers Hornsby, Frankie Frisch, and Red Schoendienst are obviously on this list.  As per my rule from the 1B post, I also count Mr. Secret Weapon as a 2B for the purposes of this poll.  Clearly Tommy Herr had a very long tenure with StL, as did Julian Javier.  There were a few other guys that baseball reference has listed as 2B, so I'll include an 'other' this time.  Now to the stats...

Also, I'm going to add runs scored for this one, as a lot of these guys were very light in the RBI department, but still would score 100 runs a season.  Once again, these stats are those accumulated during the players' Cardinals tenure only.

Red S.---------093|1086|067|0680|081|.388|1927|'45-1/2 '56, '61-3

Not too shabby for a position where defense is at a premium.  It's actually pretty amazing how much stability StL has gotten at this position over the years.  One of these guys was in place for each of the team's major championship runs.  Some are clearly superior to others as far as offense goes, IMO, but I'll leave that to the voting.  Regardless, depth at this position is part of why the All-Cardinals team is as good as the team that any other MLB team could assemble, except perhaps the Yankees.