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2bmen and range

david pinto's pmr ratings for 2d basemen are up at baseball musings. spivey rates well -- per this system he robbed 9 basehits in half a season, saving about 6.5 runs. pinto has him saving as many runs as mark grudzielanek and gold glover luis castillo, both of whom played 30-40 more games than spivey. aaron miles rates as roughly avg on this metric. mark loretta, whom i thought jock & co missed the boat on, rates just below average here, but he had a very bad defensive year according to some other metrics, which may explain why the cards had no interest in acquiring him.

here's a table summarizing the defensive grades for some 2bs of interest (see this post for an explanation of the various grading systems). as before, numbers are expressed in runs above / below avg:

PMR UZR Range FRAA Chone
spivey +6 n/a n/a 0 +1 0
miles 0 n/a n/a +5 -8 -8
grud'k +6 n/a n/a 0 +17 +20
loretta -3 -13 -26 -2 +1 +2
castillo +6 +7 +24 +9 +6 +6

also at musings, pinto has adjusted his shortstop scores to reflect their range on groundballs only. i guess the idea is to eliminate pollution in the data caused by infield politics on pop flies -- ie, maybe one ss hogs all the popups on his infield, whereas another one shares them around. in any case, eckstein remains right where he was in the overall measurement, and right where we were told he would be -- average and adequate.