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pm break

idle musings: the reds would appear to be getting ready to churn the roster. new owner, soon a new gm, and more than likely a whole lotta new faces in uniform ere long. that may create some opportunities for the cardinals, who now have close organizational ties to the reds. cincy's new ownership group spun off from stl's, and the head of that group, bob castellini, has repeatedly named the cardinals as a model for cincinnati to emulate. whether this gives walter any kind of "in" with the new gm, whoever he is (and here's a short list of candidates), remains to be seen. the reds are still deep in position players and hurting for arms. . . . .

rob ran some numbers on pitchers like mulder who experienced sharp mid-career declines in their k rates. finds reason to hope that, for another year at least, mulder will still be able to get people out, with his era likely falling 20 points on one side or t'other of 4.00. a companion study on pitchers like haren might be in order . . . .

other afternoon reading:

finally, valatan has started a discussion about the greatest cardinals by position. today's installment covers 1st base, where you'll-never-guess-who is the choice of roughly 4 out of 5 card'l fans.