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by the numbers

.807: career ops of russell branyan, recently dfa'd by the milwaukee brewers

3.59: aj burnett's 2006 era, as projected via ZIPS

7.713: bruce sutter's best season per win expectancy added (per baseball prospectus), 1984

8.119: goose gossage's best season per the above, 1977

10.8: percentage of HOF voters who listed dale murphy on their ballots

18: number of non-roster invitees scheduled to attend the phillies' training camp

26: rank of daric barton on bryan smith's list of top prospects. quote: "There are few issues that demand more attention in the next two years as whether or not Daric Barton will develop true slugger power."

31: rank of anthony reyes on the same list. quote: "Reyes does it all on the mound. . . . . . My big concern is the number of home runs that Reyes allows, as his HR/9 was up in the PCL, and then quite high in his 13.1 Major League innings."

140: injury guru will carroll's best guess at kerry wood's 2006 innings total.

2,476,589: dollars in the average major-league player's salary.