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Game 160 Open Thread: September 30, 2005

mulder keisler
16-8, 3.72 2-1, 5.98

the wild-card thing: crawfish boxes is haunted by a play at the plate, while the good phight isn't exactly brimming over w confidence. houston's magic number still 3; it won't be decided until saturday at the earliest. out in san diego, mayor bochy is setting up his nlds rotation: likely peavy and astacio in games 1 and 2, with adam eaton throwing game 3 back home (where his numbers are much, much better).

but put all that off to one side. it's finally here: the final series at busch stadium . . . . . been writing about it all year and i still can't flippin believe it. man i'm gonna miss that place. those of you who are lucky enough to be in the building this weekend, appreciate the occasion. send the place out in style. wear your colors, make a lotta noise, eat and drink (and smoke too, if they still allow that sort of thing). above all just be there; just be. it's a balmy autumn weekend, the cardinals are in town, and there is not a care in the world.