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Game 155 Open Thread: September 23, 2005

carp capuano
21-4, 2.42 17-10, 3.64

danup looks at the lefties king and flores will have to get out in round one of the playoffs: the ryans (klesko and howard), mark sweeney, carlos delgago, chase utley. . . . . john brittain makes curt flood's hall-of-fame case at the hardball times today.

chris carpenter has some case-making of his own to do tonight if he wants the cy young; he seems to be losing ground among voters to dontrelle willis, who outdueled pedro the other night. i think dontrelle has a pretty damn good claim on the award; he does have 5 losses more than carp, but the cards have taken chris off the hook for at least 5 losses this year with late rallies. i'd still give carp the edge -- his batting avg allowed is 16 points lower than dontrelle's, and his ops against is 30 points lower. but the gap is narrowing.