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Game 149 Open Thread: September 16, 2005

mattmo rusch
14-8, 4.04 6-8, 4.62

hummingbird posted a nice brief in support of jeff suppan's candidacy for the postseason rotation. last night's performance may have cinched it for supps. here are the cardinal pitchers over the last 30 days:
starts inn w-l era
mulder 5 41 2-1 1.32
suppan 6 36.2 3-2 1.72
carp 6 46 4-0 2.54
marquis 6 42.2 3-3 3.80
morris 5 30.2 2-3 4.99

going all the way back to august 1st, here are the national league leaders in earned-run average:

d willis 1.23
j peavy 1.99
j suppan 2.04
a pettite 2.10
n lowry 2.17
c carp'r 2.25

that does not suck. let's assume supps is in; the last spot goes to morris or marquis. mattmo is the prejudicial favorite, but it has become almost impossible to justify his inclusion on any grounds other than seniority. in his last 4 starts marquis has only walked one batter in 32 innings while striking out 17; his era is about 1.45. taking the season as a whole, morris and marquis have comparable eras and whips; morris' OPS allowed is 10 points lower, but that's largely a control-related issue, and since marquis is now throwing strikes i don't place much stock in it. they're basically having the same season --- but marquis is improving while morris is fading. . . . . .

big start for matty today.