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Game 145 Open Thread: September 12, 2006

mulder redman
15-7, 3.54 5-15, 4.98

we think our starting pitchers got trouble? last time the cardinals faced mark redman, back on june 25, he ranked 11th in the national league in era at 3.14. his opponent that night, chris carpenter, entered the game ranked 10th with an era of 3.01. since that date, redman has logged the worst era of any starter in mlb --- 7.52. his record over that span (14 starts) is 1-10. carpenter, meanwhile, has posted the majors' best era, 1.48, while going 11-0.

and tonight's cardinal starter, mark mulder? since june 25 he's 5th in the national league in era at 2.28, with a 7-2 record.

thanks, day by day database, for the info.

i'll be in attendance for the whole pittsburgh set; if the cardinals sweep and the astros get swept, i can see the division clincher on wednesday afternoon. otherwise, likely the cards will pop the corks in wrigley.