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Game 144 Open Thread: September 11, 2005

mattmo pedro
14-7, 3.97 13-7, 3.95

julian tavarez has now hit 8 guys in 59 innings this year, or 1.22 per 9 innings. there are pitchers who have lower walk rates . . . . pedro martinez, who pitches for the mets today, has been known to "let one slip" on occasion, but he has been on good behavior this season - only 3 hbps in 757 batters faced. last year he plunked 16. good day to take a look at all the minor-league callups, no?

no time for much else today in all the haste of traveling and getting the kids settled here. we're off to the game --- here's a thread, more to say this evening or tomorrow a.m.