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Game 143 Open Thread: September 10, 2005

suppan trachsel
13-10, 3.76 1-1, 2.35

eight strong innings, two scratch runs and a bomb -- that felt good. i'll take more of the same in october. read danup for musings about the marquis enigma (bonus musings about fatty wells, grasshopper jim whitney, and men in white coats); read Amazin Avenue to learn why the mets are better off losing this series.

wild card update: astros lose, marlins lose, phillies hang around. milwaukee, a game under .500, closes to within 5.5 games of the lead. pittsburgh, 18 games back with 22 to play, remains mathematically in contention. the chills, the thrills . . . . . the wild card.

i'll be in airports and on airplanes most of the day; at the game (!) tomorrow.