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dyar miller weighs in

just had a quick word with memphis pitching coach dyar miller, who is out in my neighborhood (colorado springs) for a series with the sky sox. he tells me anthony reyes will be returning to triple-a immediately after tonight's game; already has his plane ticket. our conversation continued more or less like this:

  • so he's not auditioning for a spot on the postseason roster?
  • no, the cardinals just want to get a look at him and see how he's progressing.
  • did the cardinals consider any other options for this spot start --- chris gissell? kevin jarvis?
  • no. sometimes they just call down and tell you who they want, and there's no real discussion about it.
  • how has reyes been throwing since he can back off the DL?
  • he's doing okay. we've been keeping him below 100 pitches, 80-100 pitches a start, and the shoulder hasn't bothered him. at least, he hasn't complained about it. and he's been doing all his side work.
  • how has his velocity been since he got back?
  • he's still averaging 91, 92 and topping out at 94.
  • about the same as before he got hurt?
  • he might be down a mile an hour. but he might be faster than that tonight.
  • adrenaline?
  • exactly.
  • and how is his control? his command?
  • he's doing a lot better at keeping the ball down. that's where he needs to improve --- he knows he needs to improve. but he's doing better.
  • you think he'll pitch well tonight?
  • he'll be nervous --- everybody's nervous when they play their first game in the majors --- but he'll be ready to go.
  • danny haren pitched very well for the cardinals in relief during the postseason last year. can you envision a similar role for anthony reyes?
  • i wouldn't think so. he's a starter, and i don't think they would want to make any moves with that.

while i had him on the phone, i asked coach miller about adam wainwright's recent travails. miller said that wainwright has never thrown this many innings before in a single season and it's catching up to him; he's hit a dead-arm phase. he will be taking his regular turn wednesday night vs the sky sox.

for more from coach miller, see his previous discussions with VEB about reyes and the rest of the memphis staff; part 1 here, and part 2 here.