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Game 134 Open Thread: August 31, 2005

suppan vargas
12-10, 4.02 5-1, 3.16

no transactions as of 2:30 p.m CDT.

ray king takes his licks over at the birdwatch and cardnilly, wherein we learn that king "has actually been outperformed by the hypothetical replacement player. By a lot." both sites have good data, and here's a little more: batters are hitting .281 against king this year and slugging .453, both easily career worsts. his strikeout rate is also a career worst, 5.09; ditto his rate of homers allowed, one per 38 batters faced. ay ay ay . . . . .

bellyscratcher asks albert what's goin' on with all the men left on base. ryan at the diaspora asks the same question of the entire team and finds that the cards are hitting just fine with men in scoring position.

per fungoes, here's your all-busch starting rotation: gibson, forsch, tu -- well heck, i'm not gonna give the whole thing away, go over there and read it.