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Game 133 Open Thread: August 30, 2005

mattmo valdez
14-5, 3.74 1-1, 4.00

with a win tonight, matt morris would climb into 6th place on the franchise's all-time winning pct chart, passing dizzy dean. mattmo already passed dean en route to 10th place on the franchise leaderboard for games started, and he has ascended to 5th on the strikeout list, just ahead of steve carlton; jesse haines is dead ahead, but morris won't get to #3 (past bob forsch) unless he re-signs with st louis. nor will he likely crack the top 10 in wins; he needs another seven victories to tie for 10th place in that category.

cardnilly has good info on mark mulder's neck injury . . . . well actually the info isn't so good -- i mean, the news isn't good . . . . oh just go read it, you'll see what i mean.