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the Mad Lithuanian has a good report from the game last night; check out his diary. i have only a couple of items to add. first, i've been waiting weeks for the cards to get into a beanball war so i could use this link to an article about deterrence. with morris pitching tonite, i would not be surprised to see last night's little dust-up carry over -- though i hope it does not. last thing we need is another injury.

the second item is this: unless i'm mistaken, carpenter now stands as the cards' first 16-4 pitcher since 1985, when joaquin andujar started the season 17-4. their lines after 22 starts, side by side (andujar data courtesy david pinto's day-by-day database):

ip h bb so cg sho w-l era whip
carpenter 163.1 125 37 151 6 4 16-4 2.26 0.99
andujar 164.2 156 37 72 9 2 16-4 2.40 1.17

this dude is now 31-9 as a cardinal. if anyone can think of a 31-9 stretch by any cardinal pitcher in recent memory, post it in the comments.