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Game 107 Open Thread: August 3, 2005

mattmo beckett
11-4, 3.60 10-6, 3.39

carpenter-willis last night; morris-beckett tonight. playoff-type mound pairings, no? at least one knowledgeable observer (bryan smith at Baseball Analysts) thinks this series is a preview of the nlds, and maybe it is; baseball prospectus gives the fish a one in seven chance of playing into october. i saw (or maybe imagined) small signs of encouragement is morris's last outing, but his velocity remains alarmingly off. we need ya, matty -- i'm rootin' . . . . another playoff-type matchup looms friday night: mulder vs smoltz. saturday, marquis v hudson . . . check out this piece at the birdwatch: turns the popular stat-egory upside down and asks, which team has the best record in NON-one-run games?

program note: i apologize for the perfect-world box being so far out of date; should have it back up to speed by tomorrow.