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Game 132 Open Thread: August 29, 2005

nationals GM jim bowden went off on his team after yesterday's loss to stl's triple A squadders. if that makes for too painful reading, check out spot-reportage from julia, guest blogging at cardnilly, and ryan at the diaspora, who attended all three rfk games and filed separate posts after each.

elsewhere: fungoes names albert the pu as the all-busch first-sacker, winning in a tight four-way over hernandez, cepeda, and big mac. i'm having a tough time with this one -- albert has held the position for just a season and a half, while hernandez played there for six full years and parts of three others, during which span he won an mvp award and keyed a world series triumph. i'm not saying he's a better player -- i think albert's the best cardinal who ever played in the building -- but when all's said and done we'll associate albert with the new place, not this one.

playoff-type pitching pairing this evening, in a game the marlins need far worse than the cardinals. but then, if the cards want to avoid facing these guys in a five-game october set -- and i'd just as soon not see it -- here's their chance to do something about it. tonight's fish hurler, aj burnett, would be an oriole by now if not for phil nevin's no-trade clause; he's pitched his ass off since that trade fell apart -- 6-1, 1.04 in his last seven starts.

carp burnett
18-4, 2.34 12-7, 2.90