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Game 129 Open Thread: August 26, 2005

suppan loaiza
12-9, 3.94 8-9, 3.66

jeff suppan outpitched esteban loaiza back on may 28 at busch -- gave up only four hits and one run over seven innings. supps has a chance to post the first sub-4.00 era of his career; he's now at 3.94 and has posted a 2.36 era in august, reversing his career-long pattern of 2d-half collapses. his career era from july 1 forward is over 5.00; last year he came in at 4.77. but since july 1 this season jeff is 5-2 with a 3.25 era.

per the birdwatch, last night yadi got his OBP above .300 for the first time all season. . . . danup is rightly concerned about mattmo's declining strikeout rate; cardnilly notes that the cards are in a position to play the spoiler by knocking off wild-card aspirants down the stretch; we still have games against houston, washington, the mets, and the marlins.

i recommend two washington nationals blogs: ball wonk and nationals inquirer.