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Game 127 Open Thread: August 24, 2005

carp wells
17-4, 2.29 7-12, 4.46

more cy-young fodder: per baseball prospectus, carpenter and clemens are head and shoulders above the league in something called support-neutral lineup-adjusted value above replacement, abbreviated "SNLAVAR." don't know what it means; just wanted to share the acronym. could it be any longer? i suppose we could have SNLABAVAR, or support-neutral lineup-adjusted ballpark-adjusted value above replacement; or SNLABAFIVAR, meaning support-neutral lineup-adjusted ballpark-adjusted fielding-independent value above replacement. and i'd like to see them run figures on SNLABAFIVAASSITE, which denotes support-neutral lineup-adjusted ballpark-adjusted fielding-independent value above a sharp stick in the eye.

something tells me that clemens and carp lead the league in all of these categories, too. . . . .

more thoughts on SNLABAFIVATLJM -- that's "support-neutral lineup-adjusted ballpark-adjusted value above the luckless jason marquis" -- from salvo at the birdwatch, danup at get up, baby!, and scott at cardnilly.

fungoes has named george hendrick as the all-busch rightfielder and, in somewhat of an upset, joe torre as the all-busch third baseman. torre hardly played there (only one full season and parts of two others) and was an extremely bad fielder; but his offense in those years was so transcendent he won rather handily over scott rolen and terry pendleton.