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Game 106 Open Thread: August 2, 2005

carp willis
15-4, 2.33 14-6, 3.07

random stuff about the marlins: they have allowed the fewest hr in mlb (73) this season but don't hit many themselves -- just 89 taters, tied for 12th in the nl with san diego. they lead the league in batting average and are fourth in runs scored; they also excel in double plays with 125, 3d in the league behind the cards and the pirates. they have committed only 61 errors (tied for 6th in the nl with the cardinals) but rank just 13th in defensive efficiency ratio (DER); the cardinals are second.

per fish stripes, florida's bullpen has been their bane all year, but apparently that situation has stabliized with the return (from injury) of antonio alfonseca and the arrival of ron villone via trade from seattle. at this writing the fish rank just 7th in nl era, surprising given the heralded arms on that staff. they have not pitched well the last month -- 4.59 era going back to early july. . . .