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Game 122 Open Thread: August 19, 2005

carp hennessey
17-4, 2.25 4-5, 5.68

pretty war stl is up today with the first in a series of fare-thee-well busch photographs. i know that image well, am gonna miss it . . . . .

last piece of fallout from the 'zona series, courtesy AZ Snakepit: "Marquis is now batting a mere .373, the best average in the major-leagues for any player with 50 or more at-bats. Not any pitcher. Any player. And there are 482 of them. Oddly, the worst is another Cards pitcher, Chris Carpenter, batting .036 - less than one-tenth of Marquis."

eddie guardado cleared waivers! go get 'im, jock! . . . . . just a sec, he got claimed and the mariners pulled him back. never mind.

McCovey Chronicles, angling for a gig blogging the giants' fantasy camp, writes one of the funniest sentences seen on any baseball blog this season: "I would love to play ball with the likes of Mark Grant and Johnny LeMaster."