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Game 105 Open Thread: August 1, 2005

marquis valdez
9-8, 3.77 0-0, 1.80

with seeming reluctance, the marlins have decided to go for it this year. they still have aj burnett, jeff conine, mike lowell, guillermo mota, and various other trading-block perennials; they even improved themselves for the stretch by adding left-handed penner ron villone. in last place just a few days ago, they now stand third in the nl east, 2.5 games behind the braves. head over to Fish Stripes for all things marlinesque.

sabernomics weighs in on bullpen management and relief pitchers this afternoon. he singles out jason isringhausen and julian tavarez as two pitchers who are getting particularly easy save / hold opportunities this year.

just in case you haven't heard yet, rafael palmeiro lied.