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Game 87 Open Thread: July 9, 2005

i didn't see mulder's start, but danup did and wasn't exactly kvelling: "Mulder worked within his extremely thin margin of error, keeping the ball low, in the park, and across the plate, and as a result his inability to get a strike past the hitter's bat didn't hurt him." sounds roughly like what i saw when mulder tamed the drays on june 17, when i opined: "mulder's seeming up-downness this year isn't going to change." it hasn't so far. but the team has won all three of his starts since the meltdown at great american, and mulder's cumulative line since then is 20 innings, 18 hits, 5 earned runs, 6 walks, 9 strikeouts. even i am somewhat encouraged. but the strikeouts, the strikeouts . . . .

re mulder's exit after just 73, pitches, glennrwordman had this in last night's game thread: "Mulder (10-5), pitching in the area for the first time since the Athletics traded him in December, won his second straight decision. He allowed four hits, struck out one and walked one in an impressive 73-pitch performance before he came out with a tweaked left groin that isn't considered serious."

buried in bernie bits this morning: "The Cardinals quietly are trolling for a lefthanded reliever and would love to get Billy Wagner from Philadelphia (obviously)." thanks for the link belly.

long trek back to civilization tomorrow; be home in time to watch the game sunday night. ballgame tonight:
stl: morris, 10-1, 3.17
sf: hennessey, 2-2, 6.75