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Game 82 Open Thread: July 4, 2005

typing in enormous haste --- my cyberbots let me down, so i'm writing this at a hotel-reservations computer. and the desk clerk will be back any second, so here goes. couple quick thoughts:

  1. mulder: didn't see him throw, but as i said last time --- sometimes 10 runners in 6 innings is 1 run, and sometimes it's 4 or 5. and either way, i'll take it. he got deep into the game, kept the cards in it; not "ace" like but i for one have let go of that. he ain't an ace, and the trade was a bad one; water under the bridge. i'll take this sort of outing from him every five days and he'll be contributing to the team. come october, we expose him as little as possible and rely on matty mo, carp, and the pen.
  2. the trade market: per joe strauss's article in the post day before last, the cards will be active and daring in the market. bravo. a starting pitcher may go --- as long as it isn't morris, i'm fine w that --- and an outfielder or reliever may arrive. the 10.5-game lead is irrelevant; we need to tool up for the postseason, and jock sees it and is on the case. should be very interesting. personally i love trade rumors and trade discussion --- the idler, the better --- and am soliciting any and all ideas from you re: which rumored trades do you like? which do you think are madness? also some your own trade ideas, who you'd like to see in stl for the stretch/postseason.
today's matchup: morris (9-1, 3.31) vs brandon webb (8-4, 3.24). webb has been a fine pitcher for three years or so and nobody's noticed. be interesting to see if we can get to him for 4 or 5 runs.

ok here's the desk clerk ---- oh shit, and the hotel detective's with him! hey wait, i'm not done fellas, just lemme have a few mo fsdlkasdi