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Game 102 Open Thread: July 29, 2005

mattmo penny
11-3, 3.42 5-6, 3.54

nothing really new tradewise; same names (lawton winn huff byrnes) still making the rounds --- sort of like unclaimed suitcases on the airport baggage carousel that go around and around and around until a skycap hauls them over to the lost-luggage holding pen . . . .

miklasz, quoting jayson stark: randy winn's "most likely possible destination now just might be St. Louis, which is still combing the landscape for outfield help, with both Reggie Sanders and Larry Walker on the disabled list."

latest dispatch from will carroll at baseball prospectus: "The Cards are again working on some interesting deals as we head into the deadline. The most likely scenario is still that nothing happens. (my emphasis) If something does break, Eric Byrnes and Matt Lawton remain possibilities if they can put together the right package, something that would likely necessitate a third team. Way out on the fringes of possibility is a deal for Adam Dunn, something that would tip the balance of power quite literally. The Cards don't have much to offer in terms of prospects, especially with the Rockies apparently eschewing pitching."

espn's eric neel forswears all trade-deadline bullshit from now until his dying day.