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midday gasbag report

per will carroll's rumor mill at baseball prospectus:

The Cardinals are quietly lining things up to make a push for Aubrey Huff this weekend. Knowing that their minor league system is, as Dayn Perry puts it, "Mary-Kate thin," they've lined up a couple trading partners with more in an effort to tempt former scouting director Chuck LaMar. The market has really dried up for Huff in the face of the Rays' demands, though calls are still coming in on Danys Baez.


[Texas outfielder Dave] Dellucci is a name several teams, including the Cardinals, would love to add to their roster.


Billy Wagner is travelling with an extra suitcase on the road. That's how sure he is that he'll be heading out of Philly by Sunday. It will take a better offer than is out there now, something the Boston Red Sox may make. Bronson Arroyo (15.7 VORP) isn't the pitcher that A.J. Burnett (22.6) is, so they'll need to add things like Kelly Shoppach and Kevin Youkilis to the mix to convince Ed Wade. . . . . The White Sox are still after Billy Wagner, sweetening their offer to include embattled third baseman Joe Crede, in addition to Brandon McCarthy and Damaso Marte.

if arroyo/youklis is considered a viable offer, why not marquis/thompson? i'm still carrying the torch . . . thanks to the chatters in the post-dispatch cards talk forum for the heads-up.