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Game 99 Open Thread: July 26, 2005

mulder woody
11-5, 3.98 5-6, 4.57

the cardinals no longer lead the league in runs scored -- cincinnati roared past them on friday and now have outscored them 500-495 on the season. but the reds have played two games more than the cards, so stl still leads in runs per game . . . . for now. but they're sinking in every other offensive category: down to 4th in obp, 5th in slugging, 6th in hr. did you know where the cardinals rank in doubles this year? 14th in the national league.

cards also have fallen out of the league lead in (fewest) runs allowed -- neifi's grand slam on sunday night sent them tumbling to 2d place. but they remain league leaders in era, are 2d in on-base avg allowed, and are a runaway 1st in groundball-flyball ratio. . . . . in spite of which they rank just 6th in the league in fewest hr allowed.