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my korean's a little rusty . . . . .

. . . . . but a reader named jinro is up with his, and he very kindly took the time to translate the text that accompanied the choi hoon cartoon i posted yesterday. he put it in the comments to the original post, but in case anybody missed it here is the text:

Royal Rumble
This year if you are looking for the perfect defense and offense look no further than the St. Louis Cardinals. Last year Houston and Chicago were powerful teams but this year this year the ability of the teams have dropped, so they are unable to restrain St. Louis this year.
This year the NL central is populated by teams that are not that bad, but St. Louis has the complete package. St. Louis has the total package and is too powerful for the NL central.
Chicago has a superhuman batter and a young and great staff, Houston has a prominent/leading 1, 2, 3 staff, Milwaukee certainly has a good enough staff to try to keep St. Louis down, so after the all star break, people want to know who can bring St. Louis down.
As I'm writing this I suddenly wondered why the central division teams of both leagues have such powerful staffs. I don't know why I'm thinking about these things? (asked in a rhetorical way)

jinro adds: "The little cubbie wrestler is literally screaming 'yup!!' He isn't saying yup as in 'yes'; it's more of a war cry."

jinro, you rock. very much appreciated.