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Game 94 Open Thread: July 20, 2005

lotta talk about daric barton over at john sickels' Minor League Ball the other day. i've been trying to think of the last time cardinal fans followed an ex-prospect this closely -- or for that matter followed him at all. anybody? granted daric barton isn't just any prospect, and it's only fairly recently that we all got online and had reliable day-by-day access to minor league performance . . . . still, i've been a cardinal fan for 30+ years and this is a new experience for me. if anybody can recall something similar -- ie intense scrutiny on a discarded farmhand -- refresh my memory.

for that matter, if you can recall the cardinals ever having dealt a more heralded prospect, post it in the comments. i've given it a few minutes' thought and can't think of an example.

oh yeah -- that guy we got in the daric barton trade? he's pitching tonight.

mulder sheets
10-5, 4.13 5-6, 3.45