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Game 92 Open Thread: July 18, 2005

mattmo santos
10-2, 3.10 2-9, 3.50

anyone have any clue as to why the cardinals would be scouting pirates pitcher kip wells? per pro sports daily, the philly daily news says we were: "With the trade deadline approaching in 13 days, the Phillies had their pro scouting director in town on the day that Pirates righthander Kip Wells faced the Cubs. With starting pitchers at a premium as usual, scouts from Toronto, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Arizona and St. Louis also showed up." i gotta think we were scouting somebody else . . . . anyway, wells got bombed and didn't last through the third inning.

pro sports daily also links to this baseless gossip at, which alleges jim thome might waive his no-trade if dealt to st louis. keep dreamin', jim . . . . same post has the red sox fairly well stalking billy wagner.