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reggie's leg is broken

hairline fracture of the fibula --- read and weep. he's out 4 to 6 weeks.


Update [2005-7-18 0:32:19 by lboros]: The Ol Goaler (see comments) posts: "John Rodriguez is going to get the callup from Memphis... he's hitting .342 (.421 OBP, .795 SLG) in 117 ABs for the Redbirds." click here for rodriguez's career minor-league line. he's 27 years old, longtime yankee farmhand, never had an at-bat in the big leagues. his 15 hr at memphis last month were a complete aberration; he's never hit more than 22 in any minor-league season, and his career slugging avg is .461. but rodriguez did slug his 22nd of the season today in memphis' 7-1 win over new orleans. the only other real options were scott seabol (not really an outfielder), john gall (definitely not an outfielder), raul gonzalez (also 27 years old, with a career ops of .631 in ~350 mlb at-bats, 2002-03), or skippy schumaker.