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Game 89 Open Thread: July 15, 2005

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mulder pettitte
10-5, 4.34 6-7, 3.09

man, i feel rusty . . . . .the trade-rumor mill's churning today. per usa today: "The Reds asked the Indians for ace C.C. Sabathia in return for outfielder Adam Dunn, which the Indians promptly rejected." also: "The Cardinals and Indians have talked to the Rangers about infielder/outfielder David Dellucci." and: "The Phillies told one NL executive that virtually everyone is available, which could lead to a massive bidding war for closer Billy Wagner."

cardnilly has a link to a thread at redleg nation which claims adam dunn will be traded within the nl central -- the theory being that division rivals will give up more in return, lest dunn fall into an enemy's hands. that makes absolutely no sense -- which means, given the way cincy's front office operates, it is probably true. . . . .

speaking of 'nilly, go here for his preview of this weekend's series. also an excellent series preview over at Crawfish Boxes, the SB Nation's houston affiliate.

the "perfect world" box is back up to date on the left-hand sidebar. for the first time all year, stl's actual record is in accord with both its pythogorean record and its perfect-world record --- three-part harmony.