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stanton nyet; wagner da?

from the official site:

"While rumors swirl that the Cardinals may sign veteran reliever Mike Stanton, two Cardinals representatives indicated on Tuesday that such a move was unlikely. . . . . The Cardinals' field staff does not consider Stanton to be clearly better at this point than either King or Flores."

amen and phew. later in the same article:

"Another left-hander, however, could conceivably be making his way to St. Louis. Former Astro Billy Wagner, now closing games for Philadelphia, is a free agent after this season and has been mentioned in possible trade scenarios.

"Cardinals closer Jason Isringhausen said that he and Wagner, who are both All-Stars, discussed the possibility of pitching in the same bullpen. Wagner said he would relish the chance.

"'That would be pretty amazing,' said Wagner. 'Just being around him would probably make me better because of how calm and relaxed he seems when he's out there. It's always fun to talk to those guys, because I always feel like a wreck. Maybe he could help me to be better. It would be pretty interesting.'"