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Game 59 Open Thread: June 8, 2005

carp wells
8-3, 3.42 3-4, 5.85

ever the quantifiers, the sabrmetricians over at fungoes have encapsulated last night's head-hunting war in a beanball intentionality matrix. . . . danupbaby rates the dustup not in terms of intention but attention -- ie, the amounts we waste on these so-called confrontations. "At least in hockey the fights involve fighting," he writes; "in baseball they involve the manager and his nondescript relief pitcher being thrown out." . . . there's love for grudstein at today, more for matty mo at i say what i mean, and words of encouragement for larry walker at the diaspora. at the birdwatch, josh looks back at an ex-card ss with a story sadder than edgar's. finally, the nilly was in the house again last night and files this report.
Update [2005-6-8 16:43:35 by lboros]: ugie urbina has gone to the phillies for placido polanco.
Update [2005-6-8 18:42:48 by lboros]: the orioles picked up eli marrero from the royals.