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Game 54 Open Thread: June 3, 2005

baseball not atop my agenda today, but i do have a moment to post a game thread. . . . chat away!

carp pettite
7-3, 3.79 3-5, 3.71

oh, and there was an ankiel sighting at throws like a girl: "For what it's worth, gawking at Rick Ankiel wasn't quite as thrilling as I thought it would be. I'm pleased to report that Ankiel was the first back on the field at the start of every inning, and that after the first time, there wasn't too much pathos in watching him jog past the pitcher's mound to take his place in right field. In his first at-bat, he was hit by a pitch (poetic justice, I guess). In his second at-bat, he was walked (more of the same). Otherwise, a couple of routine groundball outs and a fly ball to right field that was easily caught. Within the context of single-A baseball, he was pretty good. And since he had hit two home runs in the previous two games, I obviously caught him on an off night."