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Game 77 Open Thread: June 29, 2005

mattmo ortiz
8-1, 3.38 3-5, 6.22

who should tony put on the all-star team? jimmy, scotty, and (probably) albert will be voted on, and i gotta think carp has a spot. check out the All-star Roster Poll in the diaries section (rh sidebar); i listed five candidates for a spot on the bench or pitching staff, am curious who y'all think is most deserving.

i didn't notice this until today, but the cardinals have moved into the nl lead in batting avg at .274. they can thank a .288 team ba in june for that. prob'y of greater significance, they are now a strong 2d in the league in obp. and would you care to guess who's leading the team in batting avg this month? you'll never get it

also this month, the cards have swiped 21 bases in 25 games -- after ripping just 19 in their first 51 games. reggie leads the way w 8, grudzielanek has 4; albert's 3 for 3 . . . card opponents have attempted just 8 steals this month, successful four times.