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Game 74 Open Thread: June 25, 2005

carp redman
10-4, 3.01 4-5, 3.14

now this is consistency:
starts starts w 6 or more inn starts w 3 or fewer e.r.
redman 15 14 13
carpenter 15 14 13

the way of all flesh: the birdwatch runs down all of yesterday's downroster moves; get up baby tries to make sense of the seabol-for-luna exchange. y'all will be mad at me over this, but i gotta admit i don't get the blogacracy's devotion to seabol. he's a nice story; i'm happy he got the chance to show he could play a little bit. but his big-league numbers are almost identical to those of ol' waste-a-flesh, roger cedeno.

avg obp slg ops
waste o flesh 2004 .265 .327 .373 .702
seabol 2005 .254 .323 .373 .696

seabol's demotion elicits groans of despair, while cedeno's departure gives rise to street parties. why? and please don't tell me it's because seabol tore it up at memphis last year -- i gotta think effin' cedeno could put up a 950 ops in the pcl too.

anyway, i just wanna understand. two players; same abilities; one is despised, the other beloved. what don't i get?