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Game 73 Open Thread: June 24, 2005

idly trolling rosters, looking for a bat . . . . .

bret boone has hit 120 hr the last four seasons, but so far this year only 5 in 244 ab. he's in the last year of his deal, which pays him $9m; likely a very very cheap pickup for somebody that needs a right-handed bat off the bench.

randy winn's power production is down this year too, but he still has on-base ability and speed. he's 32 years old, under contract next year for $3.75m -- not an unattractive price. i don't quite know, though, what jock offers in return to pry this player loose. i don't think winn is worth a good prospect, and if his current-year role is only to provide insurance/depth in the outfield it makes no sense to offer anyone off the major-league roster . . . . but at his age and price the mariners won't just give him away. he might be a good fit for stl's roster, but i don't see a way clear to acquire him.

the market for preston wilson is coming down, maybe into the cards' range. teams looking for everyday help are taking a pass, and for good reason, but as a fourth outfielder / pinch-hitter he would do. if jock can assemble the right package of second-tier prospects, as he did to get walker last year . . . . .

sooooops wells
6-6, 4.45 5-6, 4.30