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Game 70 Open Thread: June 21, 2005

the reds fired their manager today -- long overdue, it seems to me. dave miley may have ruined austin kearns' career and did willy mo pena no favors either; he constantly shuffled the lineup and the bullpen, seemingly without any principles guiding him -- just mixing things up as if hoping random chance would lead him to solutions. i am a fan of that franchise and regret the state it has fallen into. i thought the marge years were bad . . . . . little did anyone know. read all about it on my SB brother red reporter.

on to more trivial matters: david pinto wants to know, lee or pujols for nl all-star first baseman? there's a lively discussion going on over at baseball musings. i have to admit, when i saw lee's batting line -- he's hitting .392-- i fell squarely into his camp. if a .392 hitter isn't an all-star, the concept has no meaning. he is almost singlehandedly keeping his team's playoff hopes alive; give the man his due. even has 10 sb in 12 att, fercrineoutloud . . . . and that's not to overlook albert's great season at all; he simply hasn't been as dominant as lee -- not even close -- through the first three months of this year. the all-star game's in an a.l. park this year, so tony can choose a dh; that can be albert. lee deserves the honor of starting at his position.

bellyitcher and red hot mama renewed acquaintances last night; i assume/hope they'll be back at it this evening. . . . cardnilly and danup are both battling 9.5-game-bulge ennui; i can relate. here it is, the first day of summer, and already i'm looking past it to autumn -- is that wrong? are the Best Fans in Baseball Incorporated like the passengers on titanic, sailing arrogantly toward an icy comeuppance? any of you rabbis, therapists, lawyers, who read this blog, please advise; crisis definitely coming on . . . . . and kate winslet, feel free to apply whatever lessons your shooting schedule may allow.

jason claussen
8-4, 3.59 3-4, 4.02