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Game 68 Open Thread: June 19, 2005

matty and albert, albert and matty; hasn't gotten old yet. however, i have had my fill of isringhausen's high-wire feats; impressive, but not necessary.

it's father's day, and i'm off to do fatherly things; ev'ybody hug your loved ones and tell `em you do love `em, b'cause none of it is guaranteed. . . . . so much for the syrupy stuff. a fatherly figure joins us today -- the rest of the dyar miller interview is posted directly below, words of haren and wainwright and journell and reyes, etc. let's sweep the devils out of that dome and come on home with a big honkin' lead. later, all

sooooops waechter
5-6, 4.24 3-3, 5.29