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Game 66 Open Thread: June 17, 2005

mulder kazmir
7-4, 4.30 2-5, 4.70

cards-rays series preview at cardnilly, who's now off to vegas for a reunion with his long-lost friend casey fossum . . . . . sumthin like that. nilly's still got bluejays on the brain, but cut him some slack: computer ate a nearly finished post. that'll fry ya . . . . now here's an enjoyable read: a cub blogger and a yankee blogger commiserating about the many ways in which their teams suck. the clubs play this weekend for only like the 2d time since 1938 . . . . i liked this article about what it means to be a fan.

tonight's tampa starter, scott kazmir, is coming off his worst start of the season, a 9-run pasting by the pirates that added nearly a full run to his era. he has pitched some good games -- held the yankees to one earned run in six innings, the sox to one earned in seven ip; capable of dominating, has done so at almost every level.

but not, let's hope, tonite.