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Game 65 Open Thread: June 15, 2005

marquis lilly
8-3, 3.27 3-7, 7.26

afternoon readings: craig burley at hardball times notes that yadi molina is on pace to catch 137 games, "a large number even for a proven veteran but rarely attained by a player of his age." the last catcher aged 24 or younger who caught 120 games for a pennant-winning team? johnny bench in 1970. for more on yadi's youth behind the plate, see my old blog (here and here) and this month-old birdwatch post.

cardnilly live (sorta) blogged the game last night and managed -- without contrivance, without fanfare -- to work in ref'nces to chris pronger, alanis morrissette, wayne gretzky, and keanu reeves. mia: peter jennings and monte hall.

the cubs are getting mashed.

who remembers the days when june 15 was the trading deadline?