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Game 60 Open Thread: June 10, 2005

marquis wang
7-3, 3.50 3-1, 4.03

damn yankees . . . . and that's what their own fans are calling `em these days. check out this diary at Pinstripe Alley on the myriad ways and whys and wherefors of the yankees' 2005 suckage. or maybe it's no more complicated than this: per the futility infielder, the bronxers are 0 for their last 25 with the bases loaded . . . . . doesn't that sound like an all-time record? and like it must be a-rod's fault somehow?

i confess to never having heard of chien-ming wang until today. looks like a pretty damn good pitcher to me -- impressive minor league record, and just 1 hr and 9 bb in 45 innings this season. strikes me as the kind of unknown quantity who may give the cardinals fits . . . . hope i am wrong.

our own starter has become a bit of unknown quantity himself. through his first 54 innings he yielded only 41 hits and 14 walks, a whip of 1.02; since then, 27 hits and 16 walks in 20.2 innings, a whip of 2.08. on the bright side, he's 5 for his last 7 at the plate with a slugging avg of 1.286 . . . .

hoots and snoots: guest blogger bill deane looks back at gibson's 1968 season at baseball analysts today. . . . if you've never (or ever) watched a ballgame from the stadium club, read these reflections from wednesday night in rockin redbird's diary.