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Game 51 Open Thread: May 31, 2005

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when you start a ballplayer like roger cedeno in a ballpark like coors field . . . . well, let's just be thankful the damage wasn't worse. sources indicate that the crater roger left in rightfield will be filled and patched in time for this evening's first pitch. and no, cedeno will not be entombed therein . . . .

mixed feelings about marquis' performance last night. he walked five men, wild-pitched home the lead run, and threw at least half a dozen 59-foot fastballs (nice d back there, yadi). after issuing just 14 bb in his first 54 ip, marquis has now issued 16 bb in his last 14 ip covering three starts . . . bad, very bad. that said, the game damn near got out of hand in the bottom of the 6th but marquis was too stubborn to permit it. plagued that inning by head-up-ass defense and head-much-further-up-ass umpiring, he battled thru 37 pitches and kept the lead from getting longer than pujols' bat. . . . as i write this, i am struck: 37 pitches? if jason runs into arm trouble this summer, i'll think back to that half-inning. and if he guts his way through a jam in the playoffs, i'll think back to it as well.

rummaging around . . . .

so much for that month . . .

mulder jennings
7-1, 3.72 2-6, 6.37