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please do not disturb me; i am busy avoiding work.

in versed place: haiku and baseball -- that inseparable pair. and they're together again at barista of bloomfield ave., where there's a rip-snortin' contest underway to compose the liltingest verse about the infield fly rule. i actually dashed off a couple entries, which (in a rare fit of immodesty) i will now inflict upon you:

infield fly symptoms:
flung bat. raised thumb. fixed runners.
beer chucked at tv.

i. fly: a species
native to is'hausen's* arm
and cedeno's* bat

* (ballplayer names at BOBA simplified for provincial east-coast audience)

i grade at the office: midterm report cards for stl hitters on file at cardnilly, who gets extra credit for having stolen the idea (from my neighbor SportsBlog athletics nation). only two A grades for the league's leading offense? scary thing is, nilly's right -- they could be better. . . . speaking of a's nation, blez gives haren a C-, calero a C+. . . . . add'l evals at espn's power rankings, which have the cards at #1 -- and their division rivals at 17 18 23 25 and 28 (does it really matter which team holds which rank?). athletics check in at 27. . . .

by the book: more reflections at gaslamp ball on 3 nights in august -- partic kerry robinson's portrayal therein: "Larussa felt that he was telling Kerry Robinson that he was a role player and not a starter and Kerry Robinson claims he never got a clear indication of what La Russa had in mind."