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the road worrier presents Game 45 Open Thread

count me among those who mocked the card'ls this spring when they beefed about a two-day exhibition detour thru oklahoma city; yet here am i, wrapping up a two-day swing thru aspen colorado, and how have i fared? crappy food, lousy sleep, long highway hours, lotta stress over meaningless bullshit -- that's right, i feel like an 0-for-4 with two k's and half-hearted pursuit of flyballs in the gap. you know, a $45,000 day-rate and $117 per diem only consoles one so far; i don't have to put up w this crapola . . . .

anyway, so fagged and shagged am i that i'm gonna have to point you elsewhere to read today. like to the new and improved cardilly for full card-buc matchup breakdowns; or to random redbird reasoning for the next installment of the jocketty trade-by-trade evalution series (today: 1998); or to this discussion thread about "3 nights in august" at gaslamp ball, a padres blog located right here on the SB Nation dial; or to the fox sports page for a little piece on adam wainwright; and finally to the heckler for the latest on that cub player's positive drug test.

this thread stays open for the game tonight; cap-letter diary at the right. i open up a 35-day homestand tomorrow; hallelujah.

marquis wells
5-3, 3.57 3-3, 4.06